Lip Enhancement

Lip enhancement can help restore your lips natural beauty, enhance and improve the balance and shape of your lips. At Youtopia we specialise in natural but noticeable results which remain in harmony with your overall features.

Our lip filler treatment involves using a safe and effective dermal filler to add hydration, volume, definition, and contour to your lips. Our advanced cannula treatment method helps to minimise downtime.


The lips


Approximately 30 minutes


Small level of discomfort can be experienced


From £220 – see prices for more


The Treatment

At Youtopia, we believe in taking a holistic approach to aesthetics, and our lip enhancement treatment is no exception. We consider your facial features and proportions to create a look that is natural and balanced, rather than overdone or artificial.

Here’s what you can expect from our lip filler treatment:

  • A personalised consultation to discuss your goals and expectations
  • Use of advanced, dynamic soft dermal fillers to achieve a natural results
  • Advanced cannula technique for a more natural and comfortable experience
  • Minimal downtime, with most patients able to resume normal activities immediately
  • Long-lasting results, with most patients seeing the effects for up to 9 -18months.

As we age our lips can start to appear flatter, philtim elongated, dehydrated and lose overall structure. The peri oral region around our lips can start to show lines and wrinkles. Our lip enhancement treatment can offer a rejuvenated appearance without the lip filler appearance.


Lip enhancement can also improve the symmetry, shape, combined with profile balancing and overall beautification. Patients who seek large fuller lips we will assess suitability and advise on a treatment plan to achieve your desired end result.

Common Questions

Yes, lip enhancement treatment is safe when performed by a qualified and experienced medical practitioner. we use an advanced cannula method of treatment which reduces trauma and a safer treatment method, At Youtopia, we use only high-quality, FDA-approved dermal fillers.

The treatment typically takes 20 minutes, please allow 45 minutes for your appointment time.

Patients are able to resume normal activities immediately. However, you may experience some  swelling or bruising for a few days. 

Yes, our motto at Youtopia is for a natural results with an holistic approach considering your facial features and proportions to create a look that is natural and balanced.

The results can last 9-24months often patients have 2-3 treatments within 18months to achieve your desired result. typically patients have one maintenance treatment 12-24months to maintain the results.


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