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We have harmonised, rejuvenated and balanced my clients features. As always undetectable but undeniably incredible results. A tailored 6ml bespoke package. The eye hollow is no more, the cheek is shining, the cute button nose, and lets not forget the lower face contour and rejuvenation.


Non-surgical Rhinoplasty

Liquid rhinoplasty is a life changing treatment this incredible transformation was done with 1 small entry point at the tip of the nose and a subtle tip lift. An advanced cannula technique reduces risks and side effects and safety first is paramount. The bridge softened and the tip flawlessly integrated with a cute round tip.

Before After Non-surgical Rhinoplasty Youtopia Medical Cannock 1Non-surgical Rhinoplasty Youtopia Medical Cannock 2
Before After Face Rejuvenation Youtopia Medical Cannock 1Face Rejuvenation Youtopia Medical Cannock 2


Mid-face Rejuvenation

We have restored volume to the mid face which helped to optimize the tear trough result. My client wasn’t the perfect candidate for tear trough treatment due to prominent orbital fat pads however surgery wasn’t a option for her. However we always ensure we give realistic expectations during the consultation and we knew we could definitely offer an improvement. The after photo result is 2 weeks post top up treatment to the tear trough and settled cheek enhancement.


Lip Enhancement

My client is blessed with a natural fuller lower lip, therefore we set to ensure the lip ratio was much more balanced. To build the body of the lip we used a micro cannula with only 1 small entry hole either side of the lip. We then finished of with some delicate needle work to enhance the upper lip shape with the dream cupids bow, sharpened the borders and a lip lift with added definition to the philtrim columns.

Before After Lip Enhancement Youtopia Aesthetics 1


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